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I graduated in Textile Design from Somerset College of Art in 1975, returned to Bath and met and married my husband, bought a house and had two children, as you do, so the need to earn a regular income meant my painting went on hold.

Now that I have an empty nest and a little more time, I am returning to my love of painting and am concentrating on the medium of watercolour because I am fascinated, if sometimes frustrated, by its fluidity and translucence. I sometimes like to combine watercolour with the opacity of Gouache to accentuate areas of the painting.

My areas of interest are nature, landscape and traditional architecture and I am mainly focusing on my local area of West Wiltshire and Bath for inspiration in my painting, with the occasional foray into holiday destinations such as Cornwall and Spain.

Recent exhibitions include:

The Society of Botanical Artists, Central Hall Westminster
Joe Daisy and the Hare, Oxford Town Hall
Greenhill Cottage Gallery

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